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Microsoft Research Fusion4D - using multiple Kinect sensors and realtime processing to capture 3D models of live performance.


This looks awesome. Will be exploring that for an upgrade to

Thanks, Grant!


Van Helsing. Best Frankenstein's monster I've seen - very close to Shelley's original. Vampires? Werewolves? Meh. The crazy 3D animation with no awareness of the laws of physics? Totally ruined it.


I'm letting my twitter and Facebook accounts expire after the 30-day cooling off period ends next week. May try resurrecting this site to document stream-of-conscious stuff that doesn't warrant blog posts…


Sunny deck morning coffee

It's been awhile, but I was able to hang out on the deck with my morning caffeine as the puppy played. Nice.


Thinking about publishing models, and how Known relates to WordPress. Actually, more like procrastinating some final edits of a portfolio to submit soon…


Checking out the latest version of Known. So shiny. Also, wondering why on earth we don't have web hosting as great @reclaimhosting at @ucalgary. It'd have taken a week of back-and-forth and remedy tickets and escalations to update a site on a campus server. Updated it myself in under a minute.


tinkering with wordpress, known, and reclaim hosting.


crane is gone.