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everything should be shuffling into place on the new server.



Apple Music station generated with Man or Astro-Man? Structo as the seed. Is good.


Just spent the morning troubleshooting UCalgaryBlogs. Jetpack wasn't letting people hook up their accounts to do stuff (like track viewers, because some people are into that kind of thing). Turns out, I'd disabled XMLRPC via .htaccess file to try to combat spammers. And Jetpack relies on XMLRPC to do its stuff. So… it's re-enabled for now. Until the spammers find it again and use it to stuff their crap where it doesn't belong…


too cool. modified Readinator 2.0 again - now grabs Newsblur items via API, Scuttle links via MySQL, and Medium recommended stories via RSS rather than web scraping. Better living through data manipulation via Python!


now my new Python-powered Readinator grabs starred items from Newsblur (via API), bookmarks saved in Scuttle (via MySQL), and stories recommended in Medium (using an HTML web scraper). Slick.


I've probably sunk about 10 hours of learning/coding into writing a short python script that basically automates a bunch of copy/pasting of content from places where I read and save stuff. It now grabs starred items from Newsblur via their API, and recently saved links on via raw MySQL query. Next, to grab stories I've recently recommended on Medium…


For what a man had rather were true he more readily believes.… Numberless, in short, are the ways, and sometimes imperceptible, in which the affections color and infect the understanding.

- Francis Bacon


If this works, cross-posting from standalone Known sites into Reclaim Social is a thing. If it doesn't…


It's not a test. It's an independent math assessment.